Torkin’s Escape is under development.

Software used for Torkin’s Escape

The Beginning

Torkin’s Escape will be my first real project since I embarked on the adventure of video game development. Of course, I did a Sokoban from A to Z but it was more of the accumulation of experiences for me and I didn’t consider it a game.

I wanted to make a more or less simple game for a one-person team in less than a year and a half. And it’s doable with work and the tools I name below.

Unreal Engine 4

For the development of my Torkin’s Escape project, I am using the Unreal Engine 4 game engine, not that others are less good or less powerful, but I have made many prototypes using Unreal Engine from UDK. I would have to relearn a lot and waste time if I ever changed my engine now.

The Torkin’s Escape project is developed with version 4.24 of UE4.


The Epic Games marketplace offers plenty of choice for anyone looking to get started in video game development. I provide myself on the marketplace for 3D models, sounds and music for the most part.

I still had to do some 3D elements and sound effects by myself.

One of the packs I use for Torkin’s Escape: Low Poly Dungeon Asset Pack


Adobe Mixamo also saves me time because they allow me to use three characters that will constitute those in my game: The Tork, the Soldier and the Captain.

They also have a large database for animations, which can be used with their characters.


Blender is a very powerful tool and it has the particularity of being copyright free and free. Which is great when you’re a little independent like I am. It allows me to make the 3D models that I miss whether they are static or animated.

For example, later in development, I would like to incorporate rats that hug walls from time to time in less busy areas, to add to the ambiance. They will be modeled and animated with Blender.


Take the example of the rat, it needs a skin, finally a texture and this texture will be done with GIMP. This software is also free and royalty-free.

Sure, good graphic designers will prefer to use Photoshop, but I am not a graphic designer. I just do very basic things.

But I will surely need a graphic designer much later to redesign my entire menu (buttons, backgrounds, etc.)

Make up your own mind.