Strongloween: The Escape

Strongloween: The Escape releases on May 8, 2024 on Steam.


Strongloween: The Escape is an Exploration/Adventure game for everyone.


Find a way to escape this interconnected dungeon like a Metroidvania.


Strongloween: The Escape is a puzzle game and it will definitely give you a hard time.


You can play with a keyboard/mouse but also entirely with a gamepad.


The game is in French and completely translated into English.

Windows 10

The demo is currently only available on 64-bit Windows.

Strongloween: The Escape

Video presentation

Live the incredible adventure of Torkin in Strongloween: The Escape, the first game developed by François Linck Games. In this 3rd person adventure single-player game, you play as Torkin, a peaceful creature, who has been captured him and his family by the vile Kingsley. They were all taken to the jails of his fortress: STRONGLOWEEN. You will have to find a way to escape, after freeing as many of your people as possible! It will not be easy because the soldiers and generals of this Kingsley will not make it easy for you. Fortunately, many characters will lend you a hand in exchange for a few favors.

You will find, throughout your adventure, powerful items of equipment that will allow you to access new areas in the manner of a Metroidvania. These pieces of equipment will give you access to new skills or magic, and you will have to learn how to use them so as not to miss any secrets that Strongloween is full of.

You will have to face boss that will give you a hard time to progress in your escape. The boss will not be the only obstacles because complex puzzles will have to be solved to access forgotten areas and thus obtain new powerful objects.

Download the development demo for free.

Adjustable difficulty: The rhythm of the game is regulated by 3 levels of difficulty for the puzzles but also for the game, which will allow you to modulate the game according to your desires.

Upgradable AI: Soldiers will evolve as you get powerful new items. They will start out unmotivated and end up on the alert adding pieces of equipment to deal with the escapee.

The final version of the game will consist of the complete adventure; the whole dungeon and its unknown basements; 3 other boss; other characters and quests to complete; the forgotten temple of Akanraa and many other secrets to discover.

The demo contains the first boss, 4 specials equipment items and a part of Strongloween to explore!

Test It!

Test the game with the development demo.