Who am I ?

My name is François Linck (yes, it’s pronounced like the Hero of the game, by the way “Zelda: Link to the Past” is one of my best games) and I am 34 years old.

The Dream

I’ve always dreamed of one day being able to make my own video game, even though I thought of AAA.

Back then I learned the hard way that a guy alone can’t make a GTA 8.


Anyway, before I was 20, I really believed that making a video game was reserved for the professional and anyone studying the field. It was at this same age that I got into development, starting with the 2D RPG Maker engine. I quickly learn the basics of the “Ruby” programming language to do some scripts for this software.

Then I tell myself that no big game is coded in Ruby so I learn C and then quickly C ++.

After that, I am still learning with C # and I am creating my first 2D game from A to Z with the Microsoft XNA Framework. It was a Sokoban with map editor, save, load, level selector, main menu.


It was only then that I discovered UDK and the world of development in 3D. UDK was basically the independent version of Unreal Engine 3. I was only fiddling with it though.

Later, Unreal Engine 4 hits the market and I keep making small right-to-left prototypes that allow me to learn more and more about this game engine. However, I still don’t do concrete projects.

Strongloween: The Escape

Strongloween: The Escape will therefore be my first full 3D game made with UE4.

I lack the financial resources and/or personal experience for the creation of complex 3D models, music, sound effects or even computer graphics in general, so I opt for the Epic Games marketplace as much as I could.

Anyway, I put everything I have on this game to make it a good experience for you, and I hope with all my heart you like Strongloween: The Escape.

Available sur :



Thank You !

Thank you in advance for testing the development demo. The final game will arrive in 2022.

I thank you in advance.

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François Linck

Here are some images used in my Sokoban made in 2013 (time flies!)

The character animation sheet (Tom the cat, super imagination). I had done it on blender.

Download the development demo for free.