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Good morning all,

In this first article, I would like to tell you more about myself, my background, and Torkin’s Escape. I mention it vaguely on the site, but I will be able to go further in these articles.

Why did I take so long to create a concrete project?

When I started the adventure of video game development 13-14 years ago, I did not know the road would be so long. I was 20-21 and I just knew I would get there someday.

As you have understood I am 100% self-taught and I learned everything on my own, well it’s a bit wrong because all the resources on the Net (videos, forums, etc.) are works many passionate people and without them, I will not be there.

Anyway, during those 14 years, I didn’t do just that and I studied a lot of other areas such as 3D modeling and animation with the use of software, the writing, learning how to structure a story, and many other things like how to make a video game in general.

Yes, but why only now?

Until now, when I was starting a project, I thought to myself:

“I want to know how to make a menu with inventory and be able to pick up items, manage inventory etc. “

So, I was creating a project just to know how to do that.

Six months later:

“I would like to understand artificial intelligence”

And presto I understood AI and it took me another 6 months.

Basically, it was all part of learning, even if it took me a long time, game development is complex.

However, there comes a time when if you do not take the plunge, you will not achieve your dream. There is still a lot to learn and it could take me years to figure out all the features of the UE4 game engine.

“I know enough” I said to myself. I will be able to make a little, truly little game, but from A to Z.

Why Torkin’s Escape?

At first, I wanted to make a very much simple game. I just wanted to make a flash game type game with levels. The player controls a character in a labyrinth and the AI ​​prevents him. Once the exit is found, we move on to the next level and the game becomes more complex as we go.

But while looking for a character on Mixamo to find the main character, I see him! Look at the face of this winner!


This is when the ideas flare up in my mind and I find there a basic story, gameplay, and even his name “Torkin”, then he would be the King of the Torks.

That is when Torkin’s Escape was born.

What then is Torkin’s Escape?

I did not want to make a “pan pan boom boom” game as I like to say when it comes to action games (or movies) with lots of special effects.

I wanted a quiet game, but with puzzles, sometimes a little puzzling, and mostly exploration. That is why artificial intelligence will not be ubiquitous because I do not want it to make the exploration / research side a hassle.

As you progress through the game, you will unlock special items that will allow you to access previously inaccessible areas much like a “Zelda”.

The goal is to free all the Torks and escape the dungeon.

Each silver key collected will unlock cages and wooden doors while gold keys will be used to open treasure chests that provide special items.

Now the exploration is a little empty, but I would like to add a collectable item. Gold coins to pick up everywhere will be the Torks’ treasure humans have stolen from them and will need to be recovered. His Gold coins will probably have a use!

Where is the development at?

I started development on Torkin’s Escape exactly on April 20, 2020, which is just six months ago.

All the basic functions are present:

  • Menus, options, saving and loading the game (that is already a big chunk)
  • Wooden and prison doors (opening / locking / unlocking / blocking / sounds)
  • Levers, switches, and other triggers for various puzzles.
  • Pick up / throw stones and activate to collision.
  • Teleporters (which allows you to teleport between maps and save the game)
  • Opening of chests (with animations)
  • The traps (with Torkin’s death and what follows)
  • Torkin himself and all his animations and camera controls.
  • All specials items are already implemented even though the demo only has two.
  • “Physical” objects which react if you hit them (They will generate noise which will alert the soldiers)
  • Books to read (They will allow me to tell a little story or create clues)
  • Items that Torkin can move (they are not available in the demo as they will arrive with AI)
  • Vases that break (They will generate noise that will alert the soldiers)
  • The Torks imprisoned with the animations.
  • The dialogue bubbles that can be found everywhere to make the characters talk.
  • Most sounds (Music, effects, menu, voice)
  • The keys and their uses.

I am probably forgetting some and I could be a lot more specific, but let us see what I have left to implement:

  • Artificial intelligence (Soldier, Captain, and a boss as well as all that this implies such as animations, 3D models to be made, etc.)
  • Create all the maps in the dungeon (barracks, throne room, etc.)
  • Once the cards are created, I should set up the whole game (chests, keys, cages, books, etc.)
  • For the books, I must create content for the story of the game or / and develop puzzles.
  • Create an introduction and work on a tutorial.
  • Create a cinematic scene system (the camera moves but the player has no control over it. Useful to get important characters talking or to show an important object in a large room for example)
  • Particle Effects (Smoke, Fire, Dust, etc.)
  • General improvements like lights, performance, and game optimization.

We are coming to the end of this first article and I thank you for reading it!

Please feel free to use the comment section to respond to articles, with the greatest of respect, please.

You can also contact me via the contact form if you want to communicate in a more private way.

There is also a form dedicated to the bugs encountered regarding the game demo.

I remain at your disposal and look forward to your reactions to the game Torkin’s Escape!

Good game,

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